News updated on 10/30/2020

Walt Disney

The magical world of Disney

Walt Disney and exciting plots are a winning combination from which were born the cartoons that fascinated entire generations and becoming real cult.
With more than 90 years of history behind the creations signed by Disney, both the oldest and the most recent, can glue to the screen children, parents and grandparents; intended for an audience of children, beloved and appreciated by adults Disney cartoons owe their success in part to the characters created by the homonymous cartoonist and American entrepreneur.
Among the most loved protagonists are Mickey Mouse, Anna and Elsa from Frozen, Winnie the Pooh and the nice racing cars of Cars, by which Walt Disney’s merchandising was inspired giving life to original and extravagant gadgets and accessories.
Mickey Mouse, the immortal mouse, is definitely one of the most beloved characters in history, as well as being one of the most 'elderly'. Born in 1928, the mouse with large round ears and huge yellow shoes conquered the audience with its peaceful but determined temperament, his cheeky appearance and optimism. Accompanied by the eternal girlfriend, Minnie, he manages to overcome the wickedness of his enemies with reason and intelligence; never with force.
Particularly loved by children, Winnie the Pooh is a cute yellow bear. He is the protagonist of the novel of the same name by Milne.
Nice and kind, the soft animal lives in an oak and spends most of his day eating honey and writing poems. He is constantly surrounded by a series of peculiar friends: Tigger, the always cheerful tiger with the strange spring tail; Piglet, the little pig, shy and fearful, great friend of Winnie; Eeyore, the ever-glum donkey loved by all.
No matter whether you’re a boy or an adult, Disney stories will continue to fascinate you…



Metallica: founding fathers of the Californian Metal

Metallica are the founding fathers of the Californian metal '80s, from them everything started.
Their first works, thanks to the speed of the pieces, instrumental technicalities and aggressiveness, led them to enter the ‘’Big Four’’ of thrash metal, next to Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax.
Over the years, the band has quickly gained a growing fan base and, with the release of Master of Puppets in 1986, the band reached, according to many, the peak of its career. Commercial success came in 1991 with the self-titled album, which debuted at number one on the US album chart.
With this work, Metallica greatly expanded their musical direction, addressing no longer only thrash fans and, thanks to simpler sounds and catchy, they became one of the major musical realities of the period.
In November 2012, Metallica founded their own independent record label “Blackened Recordings”.
The first work released through their label was the Quebec DVD Magnetic, released on December 10 of the same year.
The last work released by Metallica dates back to 2016, although the band is still active, and is entitled Hardwired... to Self-Destruct.
Since then four years have passed, maybe we should expect a new record? The legendary band, by the voice of its manager Peter Mensch, announced in an interview on Music Week that the band could devote itself to a new record in 2020.


The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones everlasting Rock

The Rolling Stones are a British rock band composed of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts.
The Rolling Stones constitute a milestone in the evolution of 20th century rock music, by giving voice to the discontent and consequently to the protests of entire generations, thus embodying the troubled spirit of the great bluesman of the past and choosing the title of a song by one of these (Muddy Waters) as the name of their group.
The symbol of the band is the historic tongue, but how was it born?
It was in 1970. The Stones, already very famous, were looking for a logo for the poster of the European tour. One of their representatives then contacted the Royal College of Art in London to entrust a student with the realization of this symbol. The chosen one was a young 24-year-old boy named John Pasche. His first proposal did not impress the band’s assistants; the second on the other hand pleased them to the point of contacting the student to propose a new job. After the poster, the Stones asked Pasche to design a logo that could represent the band on stationery and under other circumstances. Mick Jagger even invited the boy to his home and showed him some images of Hindu deities to inspire him. Between a photograph and a figurine, what caught the artist’s attention, however, was the long tongue that came out of the mouth of a goddess. Back home, he went to work and in about two weeks made the logo now known throughout the world.


Warner Bros

From Warner Bros. to the legendary Looney Tunes

Warner Bros. is an American film and television production company.
Beginning in the 1930s, Warner Bros. began to produce the successful cartoon series Looney Tunes that still remains one of the most successful series.
Bugs Bunny, Sylvester the Cat, Tweety Bird, Daffy Duck, Wile E. Coyote, Beep Beep are just some of the characters that populate the Looney Tunes universe, the cartoons that have their origins in 1930.
Bugs Bunny, the grey rabbit, phlegmatic and bold, spends his days escaping from his enemy, first of all the hunters, Elmer is determined to shoot him. Fantasy and cunning characterize the greedy character of carrots that always manages to escape, with ingenious stratagems, the villains, repeating at every success the phrase: ‘Eh, what's up, doc?’.
Particularly loved by the public the gags of the most sympathetic duo of cartoons; we’re talking of course about Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird. The big black cat while dressing in the shoes of the "bad guy” inspires so much tenderness for his clumsiness in trying to attack the little bird and for the umbrellas he takes from the old lady who defends the bird. Titi, seemingly small and helpless, is actually a smart and ingenious character who always manages to mock the unfortunate Sylvester.
Among the other characters of the US series, we have to mention Daffy Duck, the all black, greedy, sneaky and short-tempered duck that despite the defeats always manages to rise; Wile E. Coyote protagonist of crazy chases between canyons and rocky mountains that often ends up victim of his own traps; Road Runner, better known as Beep Beep, the bird that lives in the desert persecuted by Wile E. Coyote, from which, however, it always manages to escape.




Fallout is a series of video games set in a post-apocalyptic future between the 22nd and the 23rd century, but which sees the iconography and technology inspired by those present in the United States during the fifties, dominated by the nightmare of a nuclear war and in the middle of a cold war.
The title “Fallout” refers to radioactive fallout.
The first two chapters, Fallout (1997) and Fallout 2 (1998), belong to the genre of role-playing video games. Both titles were made by Black Isle Studios on behalf of Interplay.
Also on behalf of Interplay, 14 Degrees East developed in 2001 a spin-off series focused primarily on tactical combat, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. In 2004, an episode for console was released entitled Brotherhood of Steel; it was received coldly by the critics and the audience. In 2004, Bethesda Softworks acquired the rights of the Fallout brand and announced the creation of the third episode of the series, Fallout 3, released on October 30, 2008. Fallout 4 was released on November 10, 2015. Fallout 76 was released on November 11, 2018.
When we think about the weapons of videogames, we immediately imagine improbable weapons capable of destroying entire planets. As for Fallout, The strongest weapon of all is the Fat Man, which is inspired by the M-28/29 also called Davy Crockett, present in reality. This rifle fires M388 bullets, which is the equivalent of a mini nuclear bomb with a very high destructive capability. In all this there is irony, as if to say that to find weapons capable of causing death there is not even need to invent them.


Black Panther

Black Panther 2: What’s gonna happen to the Marvel movie without Chadwick Boseman?

Chadwick Boseman, star of Black Panther, Marvel’s first African-American superhero, he died at 43 years old after a long battle with colon cancer. The actor, who had never spoken publicly about his illness - diagnosed for the first time in 2016 - had continued to work in various Hollywood productions.
Boseman is credited with a record: he played the first Marvel black superhero in Black Panther of 2018 directed by Ryan Coogler.
The film’s success ensured that the sequel Black Panther 2 was confirmed, and Marvel Studios decided to stick to Ryan Coogler’s agenda to ensure that he would direct the sequel, which was officially announced in 2019 and was due to be released in May 2022.
Marvel Studios are now faced with an unsettling scenario, with one of the most anticipated movie stars of Marvel’s Phase 4 suddenly disappeared.
What will become of Black Panther 2?
Any decision will probably not come quickly, also because it will not be easy to recover from the pain of losing a colleague so precious and loved by the group, but at some point the future of T'Challa and Black Panther 2 will be faced.


Guns N' Roses

Guns N' Roses

Guns N' Roses are an American hard rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1985. Their sound style, transgressive image and live performances helped them dominate the music scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Since 1993, the band has experienced problems and silences, due to contrasts between singer Axl Rose and the original members. Rose, who is also the author of most of the lyrics, was the only member of the original lineup until 2016 when he meets Slash and Duff Mckagan for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.
In total, Guns N' Roses have sold over 100 million records worldwide and have been ranked 92nd on Rolling Stone’s list of the top 100 artists.
On April 14, 2012, the original band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Green Day. A curiosity that not everyone knows is that since their beginnings, the band was known to be formed by large soft drug users and not, in fact in Britain they earned the nickname of "Lines N' Noses".
Therefore, David Geffen, the owner of the record label Geffen, fearing that the GNR investment would be a fiasco because of their "flaws", created the sub-label of Uzi Suicide used exclusively to produce their records, So if the project failed, he wouldn’t have spent too much money on it. Instead it turned out to be a success and, even today, despite the records of Guns are universally recognized as produced by Geffen, on the back of the cover you can see Uzi Suicide.



The Pokemon

The famous Japanese cartoon focuses on imaginary creatures called "Pokémon" that humans can capture, train and make them fight for entertainment.
Inspired by fictional characters created in the mid-90s in Japan, Pokémon are popular with fans of all ages.
After gaining notoriety thanks to video games, the cute and brave colored animals have become later protagonists of animated series and feature films. Pikachu, Mew, Darkrai and company, in twenty years of history, managed to infect video games and TV, then, millions of children, teenagers and adults.
Many do not know that the animated series Pokémon has repeatedly been censured for various reasons.
One of the censorship cases concerns the 38th episode of the first series, which was banned worldwide. The episode aired the first and only time on December 16, 1997 in Japan, causing about 700 cases of epilepsy, caused by some sequences in which flashes of light are shown too fast.


Assasin Creed

Assasin’s Creed

Assassin's Creed is an action-adventure video game developed and published by Ubisoft, presented at E3 2005, the game was first released for PlayStation 3 and then for Xbox 360. It was made available on Microsoft Windows in April 2008.
Assassin's Creed primarily takes place during the Third Crusade in the Holy Land in 1191, with the plot revolving around the Secret Order of Assassins, based upon the Hashshashin sect.
To 2019 the series counts eleven main chapters, each set in a different historical moment.
 The last chapter is Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, presented in 2018. The eleventh chapter of the saga is set in ancient Greece, during the Peloponnesian War; the main protagonist is Kassandra, nephew of the legendary commander Leonida. In Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the naval battles return and for the first time you can choose with which character to start.
Despite the immense success, it seems that ubisoft has taken a break from Assasin’s Creed, in fact they said that for the moment there will not be a new chapter but, as it happened, additional contents have been added on “Odyssey”. The CEO of ubisoft has stated in fact "thanks to the additional content you will have to play for at least two years".


Breaking Bad

Breaking bad: a successful series

Breaking Bad is an American television series created by Vince Gilligan.
Considered by many the best TV series ever and the most viewed on the Netflix platform, Breaking Bad has received excellent reviews from critics, mainly for the screenplay, directing and interpretations of the main actors.
the plot of Breaking Bad revolves around its protagonist Walter White (Bryan Cranston), whose life is full of failures but he discovers that with chemistry he can make a lot of money in ways he had never considered.
Gilligan thus builds one of the most complex and best-written characters in television series, playing extraordinarily with morals and emotions, taking the viewer by the hand, and then rejecting them to better bring them back again.
The series is considered, given its structure, as a post-modern western: drama at times Shakespearean, with gangster and horrific atmospheres seasoned with a ton of epic western. Not to mention the references to Tarantino’s cinema and the predilection for a story as raw and realistic as possible, inspired by The Violent Arm of Law by Friedkin.
After five seasons, 62 episodes and 16 Emmys, Breaking Bad remains a series unique in its kind.



Nirvana: a legend

I Nirvana were an American grunge group formed in the city of Aberdeen (Washington) from December 1987 and active until 1994, the year of the death of frontman Kurt Cobain.
Founders and members of the group since their debut were Kurt Cobain (vocals and guitar) and bassist Krist Novoselic. Various, however, are the drummers who have played in the group.
The group has sold nearly 75 million records, of which 25 million in the United States alone.
Nirvana were placed in 30th place on the list of the 100 best artists according to Rolling Stone.
 The biography of the group’s museum states that Nirvana «started a rock revolution» and «remaining with a lasting influence and a challenge», before declaring «the proof that the right group with the right noise can change the world».
Kurt Cobain’s death marked the music world indelibly.
It’s April 5, 1994: Kurt Cobain dies in the greenhouse of his house in Lake Washington, near Seattle. His body was found only a few days later, on April 8, by Gary Smith, an electrician. Kurt joins the so-called Club 27 along with other music greats: Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison.
Kurt is thought to have committed suicide, but the reality is that no matter how hard we try, we’ll never know for sure.
The mysteries surrounding the death of the grunge king are not lacking, as well as the inconsistencies and numerous doubts.
Since 1994, despite the death of Cobain, the music of Nirvana continues to resonate in the world... the Legend continues.


Gas Monkey Garage

Gas Monkey Garage

Richard Rawlings is the star of the reality show Fast N' Loud on Discovery Channel. He is also the owner of the Gas Monkey Garage, the Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill and the Gas Monkey Live Music Venues in Dallas, Texas.
The workshop Gas Monkey creates and delivers customized vehicles to its clients all over the world.
Richard recently also bought and customized a restaurant, the Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill.
On TV, episode after episode, Richard manages to convey his passion for Car restoration.
And the more the cars are battered and beaten the more he gets excited to bring them back to their original splendor and to make them reborn as if they were new, never betraying their original spirit.
In an interview, Richard Rawlings says: “I grew up helping my dad fix his cars. My dad worked really hard on his toys and we spent a lot of time together to keep cars efficient”.
Also, not everyone knows, but some of the employees, that Richard fired, have joined Thomas, a rival of Richard who rents his first workshop creating the Fired Up Garage and the Mechanics program in disarray. Richard himself appears in some episodes although the protagonists assure that they have cut ties with him.



Fortnite: various modes, a single videogames

Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the most popular videogames around the world, it is a phenomenon destined to grow still.
Fortnite is a video game developed by Epic Games in 2017. Battle Royale, the popular mode, is set on an island where players are forced to fight to survive. The players are 100 and only one can do it.
One of the 3 modes of Fortnite is the Creative: a free mode as Fortnite Battle Royale, where you can create maps and games with the rules you want. It has been very successful and is often updated with new contents. The constructions and features are analogous to the Battle Royale, and each microtransaction performed in one of the two modes will be automatically transferred to the other and vice versa. It is available for free on every platform along with Fortnite Battle Royale.
Finally, the long-awaited 3rd season of Fortnite chapter 2 arrived this month.
The game Epic Games is updated with many new features and additional contents, from the new map to the new Battle Pass.
The new trailer of the third season catapults us into a whole new Fortnite: many additional unpublished contents with a water theme, one of the novelties is the exclusive Aquaman skin.
So? All we have to do is play it!


Euro Footaball

Football: the best clubs

In the world of football, as we know, there is a lot of competitiveness, between the players but especially between the teams themselves, perhaps from the same continent, such as the teams of European clubs.
In 2009 the International Federation of History and Statistics of Football, an organization recognized by FIFA, published the results of a statistical study that determined the best clubs of the twentieth century in every continent.
More precisely on 10 September 2009, the IFFHS published the ranking of the best European clubs. The ranking took into account only the results of the clubs in the different international competitions at continental level from the quarter-finals.
The IFFHS assessed the clubs results in the two most prestigious international competitions held in Europe before the creation of the European Union of Football Federations in 1954: the Central European Cup, the Latin Cup and the Fairs Cup, UEFA Cup predecessor tournament.
At the top of the ranking was the Real Madrid, followed by the Juventus, the 3rd place was taken by Barcellona, and so on…
To date, one of the most important competitions for European clubs is perhaps the Champions League or European Champions Cup in which the best teams of the European Championships participate..
The Champions League is a real show for football fans who are able to see the best players in Europe enter the field.


The new heroes

DC Comics & Marvel: two univers, lots of superheroes

Brave, strong, charismatic and most of all equipped with superpowers; we’re talking about superheroes, 'Men' with extraordinary abilities that they use to fight evil in all its expressions, real, surreal or fantastic. American superheroes have inspired and passionate entire generations, becoming a real cult, around which a huge merchandise has developed.
The superhero category of comics, cartoons and TV series is inextricably linked to the two publishing houses that with their characters have written the history of the genre conquering entire generations of fans: DC Comics and Marvel.
Both Americans boast icons such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Captain America and Iron Man, American superheroes who with their deeds have inspired movies, TV series, merchandise and much more.
Superman is the first superhero of the history of comics. Coming from the planet Krypton, Superman is able to fly and possesses other superpowers that he daily puts at the service of the community and justice. His disguise consists of a blue jumpsuit and a red cloak which hides the identity of Clark Kent, a journalist for the Daily Planet.
Another DC Comics character who has fascinated with his dark and introverted personality is Batman. The man bat debuts in 1939 and brings with him a peculiarity: he does not possess superpowers but a series of equipment and cutting-edge technologies that allow him to acquire, in an artificial way, particular skills to defeat the bad guys.
And you, have you decided who your favourite superhero is?



Playstation: revolution of the 90's

PlayStation, abbreviated with the initials PS1, is the first 32 bits home video game console developed and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was first released on December 1994 and produced until 2000. At the end of the same year, it has been replaced by a smaller version named PSOne, remained on the market until 2006.
PlayStation marked Sony’s debut in the console field and it was a huge success, it started a revolution that changed the image of the consoles for the general public, from product designed for a younger audience to a technological reality able to change the everyday life of a family.
 Initial but unsuccessful attempts have already been made, such as the CD-i and the 3DO; it is widely believed that Sony’s success is due not only to the high quality and versatility of the hardware produced, but above all to a large advertising campaign without precedents in this field, with commercials of strong impact and originality, which managed to interest a much wider audience than the traditional video game.
Playstation, for those who lived their adolescence in the 90s, was synonymous with innovation and almost revolution.
Everyone wanted to own it so much that they had to line up for miles in front of retailers.
Since 1994 the producers of PS never stopped evolving periodically and reaching the current PS5.



Rock: a thousand faces music

The rock, or rock music, is a genre of popular music developed in the United States and the United Kingdom during the fifties and sixties.
is an evolution of rock and roll, but also draws its origins from numerous musical forms of previous decades, such as rhythm and blues and country, with occasional references to folk music. Musically, rock is focused on the use of electric guitar, usually accompanied by electric bass and drums.        Hard Rock is the most important form of rock, which has stood out over the years and has millions of fans even today.
The hard Rock is a more angry version of the rock 'n' roll of the '60s, that of Elvis, and adopts a strong drum rhythm.
The bands that characterized this genre were: AC/DC, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin among the most important.
In this period also explodes the Glam Rock, led by Queen who makes a pop rock.
From the 80’s and 90’s hard rock is transformed into metal that reaches its peak with Dream Theater and Nirvana to this day.


Star Wars

Star Wars: fun facts between old and new generations

The film series that perhaps more than any other has shaken the fans of science fiction is definitely Star Wars.
The film series Born in the '70s from the fantasy of George Lucas has become a phenomenon of costumes that over the years and has managed to keep unchanged its charm towards ‘old’ and new generations. Thanks to an engaging plot, extraordinary actors and the nose of the American director and producer, who has been able to adapt to the changes of taste of subsequent generations.
There are many fun facts that fans don’t know about Star Wars, even very funny, for example:

  1. In many scenes Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) was forced to stand on a box to not make evident the 30 centimeters of difference that separates her from Harrison Ford (Han Solo).
  2. In the meteorites sequence during "The Empire Strikes Back", there are rumors that one of these is actually a shoe. The special effects people, exasperated by having shot the scene too many times, would have decided to launch this "strange object" to protest.
  3. Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) had to bump his head into Yoda’s hut sixteen times before getting the final scene.
  4. When we see C1P8 sinking into the puddle on Dagobah, it is actually located in the pool of George Lucas, properly set to shoot the scene.


Anime & Manga

Anime and Manga… what's the difference?

All fans of the world of cartoons know the difference between manga and anime.
But for the most profane, what is the substantial difference between the two words?
In Japan, the term manga refers to comics in general, while in the rest of the world this term is used to indicate “Japanese comic books“.
The manga phenomenon became more popular in our country in the early nineties, thanks to publishers such as Glenat with the publication of Akira, Granata Press with the publication of Ken the Warrior and some magazines such as Mangazine and Zero. Then, the publishing house Star Comics publishes, among others, the unforgettable and famous manga such as Dragon Ball.
Anime, on the other hand, means animation and cartoons usually taken from the manga itself, while in the West this term is commonly used to indicate works of animation produced by Japan only.


Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders 6: Stephen Graham in the cast of the sixth season

Peaky Blinders is a British drama television series created by Steven Knight and set in Birmingham after World War I.
We have now reached season 5 and we are already talking about the arrival of the 6th season. Unfortunately, the current situation that has blocked the filming of dozens of television and film productions does not allow to suggest a release date of the sixth season of Peaky Blinders.
But in this cinematic silence, one news story is: In the 6th season will join the cast of the series the actor Stephen Graham.
Graham is best known for starring in Boardwalk Empire and The Irishman.
The actor was already ready to join the set but the Coronavirus emergency prevented the producers to inaugurate the filming of new episodes. No details are yet known about the role he will play although, given his work history, it should not be difficult for the actor to fit into a gangster series.
Waiting for the Covid-19 emergency to finish and to resume the filming of Peaky Blinders..
We will continue to ‘’steal’’ some news from the social profiles of the actors and the director. Actually, the actor Cillian Murphy (Tommy Shelby, in the series) promises in a message: “We will be back as soon as we can, I promise, causing chaos and knocking heads as usual".


Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty: Chris Parnell promises less waiting for the fifth season

Rick and Morty, until today between a season and another, the waiting for many fans has been long and nerve-wracking.
But as Chris Parnell explained, the voice of Jerry on the show created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, it could change soon.
Despite the production problems, which all are experiencing due to Coronavirus, Rick and Morty has been renewed, to the delight of all fans, for another 70 episodes.
The Adventures of the Mad Scientist Rick and his nephew Morty will continue on as to bring chaos to any part of the universe they go.
The series, considered cosmic horror, has its origins in an animated parody of Back to the Future.
From 2013 to today, Rick and Morty has received more and more success and passionate millions of fans.
The series also received critical acclaim, receiving a 100% approval rating on the site Rotten Tomatoes and there are those who has also complimented the authors for the "effort to give each character a bit of depth” even though the series has "a darkness, a twisted feeling".



Trolls 2 World Tour

The world of Trolls is finally back to keep us company with Trolls World Tour.
Certainly no one expected not to be able to enter a theater this year, but this has not blocked the release of the new animation movie, in fact it was and is possible to enjoy the adventures of trolls renting the film on digital platforms.
In Trolls 2 Poppy and Branch discover that in the world of trolls there are different tribes that express themselves through six different types of music. However, the king wants to destroy all musical genres to allow only one of them to reign supreme: rock.
With the fate of the world at stake, Poppy and Branch, helped by their friends, leave to visit the other kingdoms and unify the Troll in harmony against Barb, who intends to outdo them all.
In short, 91 minutes of carefreeness and fun are guaranteed!



What life would it be without video games?

Video games are games managed by an electronic device that allows you to interact with the images of a screen.
Born in the 1950s in scientific research circles and in American university faculties, the video game had its development since the second half of the 1970s.
Since the 70s videogames have undergone a big evolution and on the market there are now several types: platformer games, side-scrolling games, first-person games, role playing games, tactic games etc.
Coming to the present day, unfortunately, sometimes video games represent a real addiction leading those who use them to a real social isolation.
In defense of video games, however, it must be said that without them it would not be the same. How would our childhood/ adolescence be without Super Mario, Pacman, Final Fantasy, Angry Birds?
Video games are and will still be part of our lives with their evolutions.
Our advice is to make it a moderate use, as the saying goes: “A little goes a long way”.


Serie TV

TV Series in the times of Corona Virus

TV series turn out to be the perfect option and an excellent ally for those who want to distract themselves for a few hours from the health emergency and take refuge in other realities.
The period of forced quarantine forces us to stay away from the rest of the world and today we have finished reading all the books we were meaning to and then we just have to relax on the couch and watch a nice TV Show, maybe on Netflix.
All types are available and even the most demanding would find the most suitable series for himself.
Among the most popular there are: Peaky Blinders, Stranger things, SOA and the unbeatable Friends.
TV series will always remain that pleasant parenthesis of the day, they give a few hours of carelessness and we hope that they continue to do so even without the presence of the undesirable guest Covid-19.



AC/DC: an electric band

In rock history, AC/DC are among the most successful groups, in fact they entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Songs like ‘Highway to Hell’, ‘Back in Black’ and ‘Hells Bells’ have become the soundtracks of many movies and of the lives of many of their fans.
Atists like Bon Scott and Brian Johnson represent the story of this fabulous rock band. AC/DC’s popularity has crossed oceans and deserts gathering fans from all over the world.
The name was chosen by Young’s sister, who left the writing AC/DC (Alternate Current/Direct Current) on an appliance and found it suitable to express the electricity and dynamism of the group.
Unfortunately at the peak of success, a tragedy seems to put an end to the group’s career. On February 19, 1980, Bon Scott was found dead inside a friend’s car. According to the official version, the band is shaken and deprived of its charismatic leader. But all is not lost. After a few months, auditions started to find a new frontman. In the end, they found the perfect solution in the rough voice, different from that of Bon, of Brian Johnson. With him they produced the album Back in.
Today AC/DC are a mythical formation that still continues to carry around its music, with the same grit and charge of origins even after more than forty years of honorable career.



Yellow, funny and really mean: Minions

Yellow, funny and really mean; we are talking about the Minions or those tiny and malignant creatures that in a very short time became the idols of the smallest.
They debuted for the first time in the movie ‘Despicable Me’ as secondary characters and since then these little yellow beings, a bit clumsy and greedy of bananas are multiplying all over the world.
Few people know that at the beginning the Minions were trolls, but progressively, drawing after drawing they became less and less human until they became yellow little creatures with big glasses. At that point it was decided to simplify their shape to the maximum and focus on the expression, eyes and mouth, with a pinch of Japanese style.
To the present day the Minions have a film career not indifferent, they are the protagonists of three movies “Despicable Me” and a movie entirely dedicated to them, screened in theaters in 2015, it was really quite successful..
We are all waiting for the release of the 2nd movie: “Minions 2: The Rise of Gru”.


Captain america

Captain America: one of the most beloved Marvel characters

Captain America is definitely one of the most beloved Avangers.
The character is the protagonist of stories of social denunciation and is the embodiment of the consciousness of America.
Initially Captain America  was born as an element of propaganda during World War II, where it represented a free and democratic America that opposed a Nazi Germany
His real name is Steven Grant "Steve" Rogers and his first appearance dates back to 1941, published as a comic book in the United States.
Protagonist of TV series, comics and films, to date, his last appearance is linked to the film AVENGERS: ENDGAME screened in theaters last year.
In this last movie, Steve Rogers volunteered to go back in time and put the Infinity Gems back in place. When he appears in the present he is old. Steve decided to return in the '40s and stay there to fully live his love story with Peggy Carter.
The question we all ask in the hope of Captain America ’s reappearance at the cinema is: has his return to the past altered his timeline? We can only find out in the future.


One direction

One Direction: reunion for the tenth anniversary

The ex One Direction have been communicating with each other from their respective lockdown places in an Instagram Live chat discussing a possible reunion? Liam Payne confirmed this during a recent live chat on Instagram with Swedish DJ Alesso « Yes, we call each other very often, we are all in London in this moment of quarantine», explained the singer who also mentioned the rumour of the possible return of the band: « I can’t say too much. Louis told me off for revealing a bit of our plans the other day, so you’re going to have the group chat telling me off! ».
The rumour, People recalls, was started by Payne himself in an interview with The Sun in which he stated that the lockdown had brought together the former music fellows: «We’ve got a 10-year anniversary coming up so we’ve all been speaking together a lot over the last few weeks, which has been really nice».
Unfortunately a joke during the live leaked that Zayn Malik will not participate in the One Direction reunion.
We look forward to new live instagram chat to get updates directly from our One Direction.


The walking dead

The Walking Dead: successful zombies.

The Walking Dead is an American television series created by director Frank Darabont, based on the comic book series of the same name written by Robert Kirkman.
The first episode was broadcast on AMC on October 31, 2010, during the Fearfest.
Many do not know that there was a rumour that The Walking Dead was supposed to end with the first season, but given the success of the idea the series went from a mini series to a complete series with more seasons. All the main characters should have died in the explosion of the CDC.
To this day, to the delight of all fans the show reached the tenth season.
Oh yes, the tenth season is on the air but unfortunately we know in advance that it will stop at the penultimate episode. In fact the production company AMC Studios has confirmed how the pandemic in progress has made "impossible" the completion of the last episode in time for the scheduled airing.
The producers aim to broadcast the final of The Walking Dead as a special episode, isolated, later in the year.



Ultras: passion for life

Ultras describe predominantly organised fans of a sport association. The phenomenon affects team sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, water polo and hockey.
The term derives from the French ultra-royaliste, in english “ultra-royalist”, which indicated the predominant political force at the time of the Second Restoration.
The first Ultras date back to the 30s with the birth of the first associations organized in Italy.
A distinction must be made, because, mistakenly many consider the word ultras as the equivalent of the English word hooligan: the latter term, indicates only fans who are distinguished by a particularly aggressive and violent behaviour inside and outside the stadium.
Ultras, on the other hand, are in general all those fans who constantly follow their favourite team, they are affiliated to a group recognised by society and occupy the stadium sector commonly known as the “curva”.
Ultras are part of our culture. Several books, films and TV series have been dedicated to them all over the world  "curve".


Sons of anarchy

Sons of Anarchy:The modern Hamlet.

Sons of Anarchy is an American television series created by Kurt Sutter and broadcasted for seven seasons from 2008 to 2014 by FX.
The series tells the story of a motorcycle gang organized in a club known as Sons of Anarchy and it is set in the fictional town of Charming, located in San Joaquin County, California.
 Sons Of Anarchy entered into the hearts of whoever saw it.
Who has never had the chance to enjoy this wonderful series, must necessarily do it in the shortest time possible. Also because he owes much to the great work of Shakespeare: Hamlet. The comparison may seem risky but the facts tell the very climb to the throne by a young prince who will have to overthrow an evil “uncle“.Obviously the plot does not end here but is enriched by other decisive events throughout the series.




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La casa de papel

La casa de papel, finally the season 4

La casa de papel (Money Heist) is a Spanish television series created by Álex Pina. After the great success on the channel Antena 3, the series was acquired by Netflix.
The story narrates the developments of an extremely ambitious and original robbery: breaking into the National Coinage and Stamp Factory – Royal Mint, in Madrid, print thousands of banknotes and escape with the loot.
Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Helsinki, Oslo and above all the Professor form a perfect team, a perfect set of different personalities united in the same purpose.
La Casa de Papel, now, in fact, drags like a real soap. Yet initially the series broadcast on the Spanish network had not had a great success and was blocked after the broadcast of the 9 episodes. Once landed on Netflix the episodes have been reassembled and broken in 40 minutes each, and it is thanks to Netflix that La Casa de Papel finally wins true success.
The series is attracting the attention of an increasingly large group of spectators who already claim with hunger for the release of the 5th season.


Call of duty

Call of Duty

Call of Duty, also known as COD, is a first person series of video games. The protagonist is engaged in a series of difficult military missions
In 2019 the series has sixteen official chapters and nine spin-offs.
Call Of Duty is one of the most sold video games in the world with about 288 million copies sold.
The first version of the game dates back to 2002, when the first chapter for Windows was born, in the following years the game was adapted to reach other platforms: mobile phone, Mac etc.
In 2020 we reached the chapter “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered (2020)”, long awaited but also much criticized because, to this date, the game is usable only in single player mode.
Video games fans were disappointed by this limitation but with the producers of Call of Duty novelty and change are always around the corner.



Liverpool FC: the most titled team of all time

Anyone who follows football internationally knows the reputation of Liverpool Football Club, the most important team in the city of Liverpool and the team is among the most titled of all time. Alongside the numerous victories that fill the boards of the sports society, with trophies and international awards, the deaths at the stadium Heysel, during the final of the European Champions' Cup against Juventus, remains an indelible memory.
The history of the Liverpool team began in 1892, when a new football club was born from the Everton division. Initially a new team was created, with the name Everton FC and Athletic Ground plc, taking afterwards the current name Liverpool Football Club. The team burned all the stages of the English championships to arrive in the First Division, winning the title in the season 1900-1901.
In 1965 the team landed for the first time at the European Champions' Cup, coming out in the semi-finals against Inter. The first victory of this prestigious competition dates back to 1977. In the 1985 final against Juventus was recorded as a black page of world football, with the Heysel tragedy that cost the lives of dozens of Italian fans.
The current uniform of the Liverpool Football Club is entirely colored in black with yellow stripes on the sides. The coat of arms of the liver Bird, a mythological bird, which over the years has always appeared on the jerseys, although with different colours.
The Anfield stadium has been the continuity element to the team since its first foundation in 1892. The structure has obviously undergone renovations and extensions. The part of the stadium called Spion kop recalls a battle between the British and the Dutch in South Africa.



Batman: hero between movies and TV series

Batman (originally known as The Bat-Man) is an imaginary character created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.
Batman is the secret identity of Bruce Thomas Patrick Wayne, a wealthy businessman who, after witnessing as a child the murder of his parents by a thief, decides to wage a personal war against crime wearing a bat costume to frighten his opponents.
The character had successful television and film adaptations.
In the story Batman changed in fact many do not know that Bob Kane’s first Batman was very different from the one we all know today. The original costume designed by the creator of the hooded crusader did not, in fact, even include a hood and it was supposed to be red.
In 2016 Batman returns to the cinema in the company of another super hero: Superman, with Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. It is an epic clash between the man of steel and the bat man at war against each other, until they have to make peace to fight a serious threat to the whole of humanity.
Whether he is alone or in company, Batman remains one of the most beloved DC Comics character.


Tokyo 2020

Jack Daniel’s: an icon

Jack Daniel’s is probably one of the most famous brands of whisky in the world, often considered as America in bottle. The story behind this brand is as intense as the whisky itself.
Probably few know that the inventor of the famous Jack Daniel’s recipe was a slave.
For more than a century, the merits of teaching young Jack Daniel the art of distillation went to the Reverend Dan Call, a Lutheran preacher from Tennessee. However, in 2016 the company revealed (on the occasion of its 150° anniversary) that it had actually not been Call, but its slave, Nearis Green, to have provided its expertise.
Nobody knows what the number 7 on the Jack Daniel’s label means. There have been many hypotheses and legends, but n° 7 still remains a well-guarded secret. Some say that the number represents the seven lovers of Jack Daniel and others say that it’s a reference to the train number 7 that delivers the barrels.
There were only 7 master distillers in the distillery of Jack Daniel’s. During more than 150 years of Jack Daniel’s history, the distillery has known only seven master distillers (who supervised the entire whisky process), starting from Jack Daniel himself from 1866 to 1911. Since 2008, the master distiller is Jeff Arnett.

Jack Daniel’s has become a real synonym of whiskey, if it’s not Jack Daniel’s it’s not whiskey.


Tokyo 2020

Coronavirus: Olympic Games also postponed

With the coronavirus we are witnessing a total worldwide blockade.
We stay at home, we do not go to work, shops and industries are closed and for the first time in history the Sport par excellence also stops: The Olympic games.
This year they were to take place in Tokyo, Japan but on 24 March the President of the International Olympic Committee officially announced: “Tokyo Olympics postponed to 2021”. It really is a historical event and never happened before.
After the postponements of the European football Championship and the GPS, the one of the Olympics was a clear sign that the pandemic has now seriously involved the whole planet.
For sportspeople, all that remains is to wait anxiously for next year, which will be a better year on all fronts.


Harry Potter

Harry Potter: is there a sequel?

Twelve years after the release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", the last chapter of the saga of the famous wizard, the Scottish writer J.K. Rowling launched the release of four new books.
The 4 books, published in June 2019, explore the origins of magic and the disciplines related to the study to become good magicians. Each of the four titles will examine specific subjects that make up the curriculum of Hogwarts.

After June we all hoped that at least one of these 4 books would be brought on the big screens but this was not the case.
Harry Potter fans have been waiting for 12 years for the return of the wizard and his friends to the cinema.

In 2016, a theatrical work “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" was published, which moved the harrypottians from all over the world, hoping for a film adaptation of the opera. Unfortunately, this idea was immediately refuted with great regret by the whole world.
As the saying goes, "hope is the last to die", and we all hope that soon the release of a new movie starring our Harry will be proclaimed.


The Queen

Freddie Mercury: a street named after Queen great singer

A Street in the London suburb was covered by a new dazzling light.
On Monday 24 February, 2020, the Street was in fact renamed after the leader of the rock band Queen, Freddie Mercury.
As we know, the singer’s family moved on a permanent basis to Feltham in west London after fleeing the revolution in Zanzibar in 1964. They saw in Feltham a kind of Promised Land.
Local authorities agreed to rename part of Hanworth Road - the address of the headquarters of the World Zoroastrian Organization. Mercury was born a Zoroastrian and practiced the ancient religion as a child.
Growing up in a particularly devoted and conservative family; Freddie Mercury used to take part in religious services with his parents, as a child. The family actually lived a short walk away at 22 Gladstone Avenue. That site was marked with a blue plaque in 2016 in honor of the late frontman of Queen.

However, London is not the first place where a street was named after Freddie. Indeed, two roads named after the leader of Queen have existed for some time now, in Italy. The first one is in a town in Tuscany and the other, dedicated in 2019, in a little town of Emilia Romagna. In this latter in particular, a main connecting road was dedicated to the singer, justified by the mayor of the town with the following words: “Mercury was a great artist and character that, with his innate virtues and weaknesses, has certainly represented an important part of the music of the last century ". The mayor added that the leader of Queen "represents an opening towards the exterior ", towards others and towards the world.
Fully sharing the words of this mayor, we can only continue to be spectators of the legend that continues.


The Simpson

The Simpsons: a long story of 32 seasons

The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening in 1987 for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series is a satirical depiction of working-class life, epitomized by The Simpson family, which consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. The show is set in the fictional town of Springfield and parodies American culture and society, television, and the human condition..
Their first appearance on the talk show took place on April 19, 1987. From that moment, until 1989, they aired during the advertising interludes of Tracey Ullman Show.
 The Simpsons have quickly become a show of the 20th Century Fox, a great film studio; over the years, in fact, they have won numerous and important television awards.
The Simpsons were also protagonists of a film, released in theaters in 2007, entitled: “The Simpsons Movie
To the delight of all fans on 6 February 2019 Fox has renewed the series for the 31st and 32nd season.
Currently on TV we are watching the 31st, so we can rejoice thinking we have yet another series of brand new episodes to enjoy!


Formula 1

Formula 1

Formula 1  is the highest class of single-seater auto racing sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).
The term "formula" refers to a set of rules to which all participants, machines and pilots, must adapt; they introduce a number of restrictions and specifications in cars in order to avoid excessive technical disparities between cars, to limit their development and to reduce the risk of accidents. The formula has had many changes during its history.
This sport requires a lot of physical and mental effort and hardly leads us to see pilots driving over 40 years, but the first seasons of the World Cup were something different, in fact the average age of the podium of the race in Switzerland in 1950 was 46 years, very far from the average age of this year’s race in Germany: 25 years.
In the story the best rivals in Formula 1 were Michael Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve who fought throughout 1997 until the final act in Jerez, with the famous contact between the Ferrari pilot and the Williams pilot. In that year the two drivers shared the victories, the pole and the podiums, but curiously they never got on the podium together.
Unfortunately in these days news has come of the cancellation of F1 GP Australia, after the positivity of a McLaren mechanic. With the hope that everything will return to normal we are waiting to see the cars of our favorite stables racing as soon as possible.


Elton John

Elton John does not stop!

Many, after 16 February, at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland, Elton John left the stage in tears, claiming to have atypical pneumonia, feared that Elton might interrupt his "farewell Yellow Brick Road" tour.
The official release of the staff of the British singer and pianist reassured the fans: “Elton John was disappointed and deeply angry that he had to terminate the concert early in Auckland last night.
To date, all scheduled shows will continue as scheduled”, we read.
 In fact, the daring singer of "Rocketman" performed both on, February 18 and February 20, again at the Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland and then he will continue his tour farewell to the scenes with stages in Australia, North America, Europe and United Kingdom.
The last “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” concert is scheduled at the O2 in London on December 17, 2020. The tour has been going on since September 2018 and it seems really impossible to stop the British singer.


Stranger Things

Stranger Things: waiting for season 4

Stranger Things is a TV series born in 2016 that sees the sudden disappearance of a boy and his assiduous search by family and friends for the duration of the first season. They come across clues, a confusing reality and terrifying supernatural powers possessed by Eleven, a girl with a shocking past.
The second season of Stranger Things starts with a general epilogue of all the characters: Mike is struggling with the departure of Eleven, Will continue to deal with the Upside Down, Dustin and Lucas are competing for Maxime, the newcomer. Eleven will be protected by Chief Hopper while Nancy continues to be undecided between Jonathan and Steve.
About season 3 Netflix tells us: “We are in 1985 in Hawkins, Indiana, and the summer has exploded. School is over, there’s a new mall in town, and the Hawkins gang has now entered adolescence. The blossom of love stories will complicate the group’s dynamic, and all of them have to understand how to grow without separating. Meanwhile, the danger looms. When the city is threatened by old and new enemies, Eleven and her friends understand that evil never ends: it evolves. Now they must unite to survive and remember that friendship is always stronger than fear”.
What the fourth season of Stranger Things has in store? First of all, it will take place in New Mexico instead of Atlanta, there will be new faces but above all, several characters will be back for the joy of all the fans.


Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory…xhat a nostalgy!

Who both madly love and despise Sheldon Cooper? Let’s be honest: Leonard, Sheldon, Howard ,Raj
 e Penny
and we miss them so much. The daily events of the group of young scientists, and how their nerd and geek condition has affected their relationships with the surrounding world, have been the characters of our TV for more than 10 years.
We followed the seasons passionately until we got to the last episode aired last year, with which the characters dismissed their audience.
But there is something left: the TV series “Young Sheldon”.
Young Shedon is a Spin-off of the Big Bang theory  series and it focuses on the childhood of Sheldon Cooper, a young genius from East Texas, whom at the age of nine is attending high school. His childhood was spent in a family where he was not at ease, between a fervent Baptist Christian mother, a father coach of the high school American football team and siblings who do not miss an opportunity to tease or make him a victim of their jokes.
We have already reached the third season of this tv series, which we hope will continue in its success, as it was for the tv series that precedes it.


Funko Pop

Funk Pop

Collectors are well informed and already know what Funko Pop is but we, who want to provide all information, want to explain it for those who don’t know. They are toys for collectors, namely figures or better to say miniatures, made of PVC plastic materials; to be more precise, the quality is defined by the company as “eco-friendly PVC” since it does not contain any toxic agent nor phthalates.
The figures are about 13 cm high and portray multiple characters, usually heroes and famous characters taken from comic book series or cartoons, but also from TV serie and movies.
An important aspect, after that of the quality of the materials, is undoubtedly the style. They are in fact toys also intended for an adult public of collectors, a demanding public in terms of style and aesthetics in addition to the choice of their favorite characters. That’s why style is important.
Funko is an American company that manufactures licensed pop culture collectibles, already with Bubble Heads; they had introduced a fun and desecrating element into the world of miniatures based on licenses.
Given the success of the idea, Funko decided to continue along this road by producing this new Pop series! Which in fact has an even more stylized and funny style. Therefore sympathetic, modern and irreverent.



Pure music: vinyl records

A vinyl record (also known as a long play record), is an analog sound storage medium. It has been officially introduced in 1948 by Columbia records in the United States of America as an evolution of the previous 78 RPM disc, with similar feature and realized in shellac.
Today that the CD has practically retired and that the hype for the return of the cassette tape seems to have calmed down, the only way to physically possess music is to buy a vinyl record.
Putting the pin on the grooves, the vinyl record forces you to have respect for music that you would not have otherwise and because of the delicacy of this maneuver, you can’t skip pieces like you wildly do with your mp3 or streaming.
Every single speck of dust affects the music, changes it, making listening unique each time. When the disk is too dirty, you have to take care of it. It is the audio equivalent of film cinema.
A part of vinyl enthusiasts buy records but don’t listen to them, according to them, vinyl records only have value if they remain untouched.
Those who buy records are looking for rarity, in fact the most sought after vinyl records, and the most expensive, are those produced in very few copies, or better, a single copy.
The vinyl industry can now be defined: a reborn industry, as the saying goes: “Sometimes they come back”!



JLS: Boy Band to the rescue

The JLS are an English boy band ranked second in the fifth edition of the English edition of the talent show X Factor. The initials JLS stands for Jack the Lad Swing. The musical group has dedicated itself from the very beginning to dance pop music and contemporary R&B.
The band, despite their moderate success in 2013, announced their dissolution after their last album and tour.
After 7 years, the Jls announced their return in 2020 with a massive reunion tour, for the joy of their fans.
The band announced: “2020 felt like the right time as it marks a lot of important anniversaries for us... It’s the 12th anniversary of JLS being a group, the 11th anniversary of our debut album release and 10 years since we became the Best British Breakthrough Act at the Brits.”
In short, they could only celebrate this 2020 with a great return.
The band will hit the road in November and currently has 15 gigs scheduled in the UK and in Ireland.
We just have to wait the passing of these months to see them again in action.


The mandalorian

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is an American television series created by Jon Favreau . It is the first live action series in the Star Wars franchise. Set five years after the events of Return of the Jedi and 25 years prior to the events of The Force Awakens, it follows a Mandalorian bounty hunter and his exploits beyond the reaches of the New Republic.
Season one is composed of 8 episodes. A second season has been ordered, which is set to premiere in October 2020. The series has received positive reviews, with praise for its script, creature design, music, action sequences and footage; it was however criticized for its inconsistency.

But what should we expect for the 2° season?
The Mandalorian has satisfied many of Star Wars fans, but there is one thing that is particularly missing in the series: duels with laser swords! Luckily, though, things are destined to change, as revealed by the final episode of the first season, in which we saw Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) wields the famous Darksaber belonged, in the animated series, to Darth Maul.
The saber will be used in action during the second season. Esposito promised: «Major, major, epic, epic lightsaber action happening on this show, and I should mention that I'm the only character in the first season who was able to be honored with having that lightsaber. So it feels wonderful».

We can only look forward to the arrival of the second season with an unquestioned character: Darksaber.



Beer… a passion!

The most popular drink in the world: beer.
Beer is one of the oldest beverages produced by man, probably dated to the seventh millennium B.C., recorded in the written history of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.
The beer produced before the Industrial Revolution was mainly made and sold on a domestic scale.
During the industrial revolution, the production of beer passed from an artisanal dimension to a purely industrial one.
According to the data collected in 2005, the brewing industry has become a global business, dominated by a few people, next to them thousands of smaller brewers ranging from brewpubs to regional breweries.
Europeans keep the record of big beer drinkers, with 72 liters/year per person, although there was a decrease in production and consumption in 2008. In recent years, the brewing industry expanded significantly in new emerging markets like Latin America or, to an even greater extent, Asia. The growth is remarkable above all in China, which has become the largest national beer market.
From the United States, another great brewer, come the Miller Beer, famous for being a beer free of additives and preservatives. The secret recipe is kept by the brand SABMiller.
From Mexico, instead, comes the Beer Corona Extra, a light beer, with its unmistakable golden-yellow color. Who has never had a Corona beer with a lemon wedge inserted in the neck of the bottle? It has become a must!
Beer is part of our daily life. Beer has become synonymous with”to be in company”, a moment of carelessness or it means simply just a break:  Who would say no to a: “May I get you a beer?”



A gift for Gundam’s fans: “Gundam Factory”

Gundam, the animated Japanese franchise created by Yoshiyuki Tomino and Hajime Yatate in 1979, is set in the near future in which humanity began to colonize space and it is centered on anthropomorphic combat robots, called mobile suit.
The franchise began in 1979 with the anime television series Mobile Suit Gundam. After a small-scale start, the series met an unexpected success in the first half of the 1980s that accompanied it from that point on. Gundam also rests on a vast and lucrative merchandising, which is dominated by mobile suit plastic models, the so-called Gunpla.
Gundam is considered a series of fundamental importance in the Japanese animation panorama. Its importance manifests especially in the social and cultural fields, through a tangible presence in the daily life and in the Japanese popular culture, provided by advertising campaigns, quotes, exhibitions and scientific and technological influences.
The dream of many otaku is about to happen at the port of Yokohama City: the first full-sized moving Gundam of history. It’s a replica of the model RX78-2, the first in the history of robots created by the greatest mecha designer, Kunio Okawara. He gave life, with his unmistakable feature, to the legendary adventures of Yoshiyuki Tomino and Hajime Yatate.
Yokohama City made public the details of this ambitious project which will be open to the public from October 1st to October 3rd 2021. Yokohama’s new installation will be presenting the Gundam RX-78-2 and a special structure called Gundam-Dock Tower. A privileged observation point, from which, one can admire the robot’s details.
A structure fully dedicated to Gundam fans will be awaiting the visitors, called Gundam Lab. Within the futuristic building, there will be shops, cafés, meeting places and areas dedicated to events and presentations related to the Gundam universe. Among which, a permanent exhibition to know the technologies used to move the mobile suit.



Carnival’s Party!

You wish to throw a Carnival party?

On MerchandisingPlaza you will find everything you need like Party Popper.
You could start by choosing the theme of the party so that your guests can draw inspiration for their costumes: Horror, cinema, TV series, animated cartoons, animals, etc.
Prepare special invitations by making the list of people you would like to receive.
Buy decorations for your house according to the theme you have chosen.
And then comes the funniest time: masking.
The Carnival period has always been the most enjoyable: for a day or even for just one night you can disguise yourself and wear someone else’s clothes.
In this, Carnival sets no limits: give way to exaggeration! Wigs, crazy make up, clothes at the limit of good taste, tides of confetti and sparklers...
It’s not Carnival without a good dose of jokes: begin with the funniest one!

Now that everything is ready all you have to do is to let loose to the rhythm of music and wild dances with your guests…Have fun!


Green Day

Green Day come back with a new album: Father of All Motherfuckers.

After four years of waiting, Green Day are back into the record stores with a new album: Father of All Motherfuckers.
Their career began in 1990, which makes 2020 the year of their 30th anniversary.
For this reason, the fans are twice as happy to celebrate with them their thirteenth studio album: Father of All Motherfuckers.
Good things don’t last long. Father of All… is the shortest and funniest album recorded by Green Day: less than 27 wild minutes for 10 songs that retrace about fifty years of rock ’n’ roll history. They begin with the single that gives the title to the disc, a twin guitar and a falsetto voice that recalls the MC5 of Ramblin’ Rose, and they end with Graffitia, a piece with clapping hands/feet that seems out of the 80’s repertoire like John Mellencamp or Bruce Springsteen.
Green Day have followed in the course of their career an evolution: first, the melodic pop song impetuous and accelerated, then the epochal concept that becomes classic rock. Con Father of All… they bring the clock hands back to 00:00.
Despite the perennial precarious balance, Green Day have managed to exceed the 30 years of career, collecting at least a couple of sensational comebacks.



Action Figure Mania

Action figures, some would call them simply “statuettes”, are in reality articulated faithful reproductions of character from movies or television series.
The most popular action figures are, for example, G.I. Joe or Big Jim, but also those of the characters from Star Wars or Star Trek, comic books, manga or athletes like wrestling champions, singers, soldiers and so on.
Action figure’s sector is very important in the collecting market, very thriving in Japan, Europe and United States.
The term “action figure” was invented by Hasbro in 1964 in conjunction with the release on the market of the first action figure G.I. Joe.
In 1971, Mego began to manufacture superheroes action figures taken from comic books under license by Marvel and by DC Comics. These editions achieved a great success and these toys have preserved over time a high value in the collecting market.
To the present day, the release of new movies, TV series or animated cartoons are followed closely by new action figures.
From Frozen to Harley Quinn to Joker, whether they are motionless, articulated or half bust action figures, for a real collector every single one of them will be of inestimable value.



We Love Rugby!

Is Rugby your passion? When you see a ball, you cannot help but start to play?
Do you know how this beloved sport was born?
Once upon a time, a young man named William Webb Ellis, while playing a game of soccer with his friends from the Rugby School in the county of Warwickshire, became tired of kicking a poor ball, picked it up, he ran with it in his hands towards the opposite goal and ground the ball. Ignoring all the rules of the game he was playing, he invented a new game. From that day of 1823 rugby was born and prospered.
The first rugby balls had this “plum shape” because they were made with pig’s bladders. In the 19th century, the bladders were replaced with rubber that is still used today for our balls.
Not everyone knows that only in 1871 were established the rules that are being played with now.
In fact, there were no points for smashing the ball beyond the goal line but only for field goal, the kicks on the shins were abolished and also the tackles to the legs, thanks to a higher power, were readmitted. In 1852 there was the first entry of the rugby game in the Oxford Dictionary and only in 1995 it was officially recognized as a sport.
Rugby is the national sport in Wales, New Zealand and…in Madagascar. The Makis, the players of the Malagasy National Team, have made their debut in the world of rugby against Italy in the far 1970.
Currently the most important international rugby tournament is the Six Nations Championship. Until 2019 the most successful team in the tournament has been Wales. Among the less victorious teams are Italy that has never won since its entry into the tournament and Scotland, is the only one among the winners of the competition to have not yet won a title following the enlargement of the tournament to six teams, Scotland won its last victory in 1999.


Harley Quinn

The rebirth of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is a fictional character created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm for the animated television series Batman, she’s the drinking buddy we all want, the one who breaks up with her boyfriend and decides to forget him with a night of drinking. Too bad that the boyfriend is the Joker.
How does it end? Harley does not just set fire to her ex’s box of memories, but even throws a moving truck against the toxic waste factory that made them both who they are, and blows the place up.
Harley Quinn is the lucky girl friend with the turbo metabolism, whom eats the greasiest egg sandwich in all of Gotham and still seems like a dragonfly on her roller skates.
Margot Robbie plays the role of Harley Quinn in the 2016 movie Suicide Squad and in 2020, she returns in the same role in the spin-off “Birds of Prey and the phantasmagoric rebirth of Harley Quinn” directed by Cathy Yan.
There probably wouldn’t be anything phantasmagoric in the movie if it wasn’t for Margot. Because after an hour and 49 minutes one wonders if Harley Queen, just like the drinking buddy, the friend who eats and doesn’t get fat, the one with the neo-punk mask, even though she’s fun, would not be better taken in small doses.



The retun from the abyss.

Merchandise Aquaman

The King of the Seven Seas is ready to come back on the big screen with the movie sequel Aquaman 2. Jason Momoa will be back in his superhero costume. He lent his face to the hero in the movie Justice League and the first chapter of Aquaman.
The first insights and news on the film’s plot have not been released yet. We may suppose that story of the sequel will continue where the previous chapter ended. Arthur Curry has relegated his half-brother Orm to the prisons of Atlantis and he became the rightful king, with Mera by his side. At the end of the first movie, Aquaman wore his orange and green iconic costume for the first time.
It is easy to imagine that, now that Aquaman is king of Atlantis, we will see him relate to the hardship that his new role entails, in addition to threats that undermine the serenity of his people. At the side of the Sea God, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard has also been confirmed; she will once again be Mera, Aquaman’s companion and now queen of Atlantis.
For the time being there is no further information on the cast or the characters that the public will see in Aquaman 2, but fans hope that the characters of the first film will return.
The movie sequel will be released at a distance of 4 years from the previous film with Jason Momoa. Warner Bros has, in fact, revealed the official release date of Aquaman 2. The movie will be in the theaters of all the United States from 16 December 2022.
Unfortunately, in other countries, the official release has not been announced yet.



Copa: Classic Retro Fooball Shirt New Entry

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San Valentino

St. Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine is considered the patron saint of lovers since the legend tells that he was the first clergyman to celebrate the union of a pagan soldier and a young Christian girl.
They say that one day, Saint Valentine heard two young lovers who were fighting near his garden. He went out to meet them holding a rose, that he offered to the young couple begging them to reconcile and tightening together the stem of the rose, being careful not to get stung, he prayed that the Lord would keep their love alive forever. Some time later, the couple asked the clergyman to bless their marriage. When the story spread, many decided to go on pilgrimage to the Bishop of Terni the 14th of every month. Then the date was reduced only to February because Saint Valentine died on that day in 273.
Today Valentine’s Day is a celebration dedicated to lovers, celebrated throughout much of the world especially in Anglo-Saxon cultural countries, and by imitation also elsewhere.
The most characteristic feature of Valentine’s Day is the exchange of valentine, love cards often shaped in the form of stylized hearts or other themes typical of the popular representation of romantic love.
Gradually, cards gave way to gifts and chocolate boxes, equally appreciated by lovers.
Valentine’s Day, the day of love, has become the symbol of the cold month of February.
Between reality and legend, this day is really popular with new couples but hated by many singles.



There is waiting for the new season of Miraculous.

Thomas Astruc, the creator of Miraculous, announces: “Everyone will be stunned by Miraculous season 4”

The screenwriters talk about season 4 of Miraculous, coming in 2020.

The last season ended recently in the whole world, and fans – remained with the shock of the last episodes revelations – are already waiting for the future season 4 to be released.

 The quality level has been raised once again, proving that this French animation series is one of the best products for children and families on the market at the moment.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir tells the adventures of two Parisian teenagers named Marinette and Adrien, who are able to transform into superheroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir.

In addition to their battle against the villain Hawk Moth, what fascinates the public is the love triangle between the characters, their respective secret identities and the new characters, Luka and Kagami, who were introduced in the last season.

After the revelations of the third season, what can we expect from season 4 of Miraculous?

The screenwriters had a long interview in french where they talked about the writing of the episodes just transmitted, the character’s growth and the future of the series.

Mélanie Duval: “It will be the season in which the characters will really take control of the series.”

Thomas Astruc: “In season 3, Marinette suffered a lot and in season 4, each episode will be a bomb. Everyone will be flabbergasted. She has new responsibilities and she has grown. Regarding the location, after the Grévin museum and the Saint-Martin canal, we will visit the Swan Islands”.

Sébastien Thibaudeau: “Season 4 is the one that surprised us the most. All your certainties will be turned on their head. And it will also be the season of the episode 100, it will be necessary to watch it. And a special episode will be a little appetizer until the airing of Season 4. Many events will occur in the year 2020!”.



FRIENDS … An incoming reunion?

Many fans seem to have deluded themselves in waiting for a return on TV of the stars of Friends.
Friends will likely give its fans a special reunion style meant for HBO Max, but the negotiations are still in progress.
HBO Max is in fact negotiating with the stars and the producers of the TV show in order to create a special that shows the actors together again.
What obstruct the meeting of the stars in front of a camera are actually the economic issues that drove the cast away from Warner Bros. TV. The reunion should have been organized upon the arrival of the cult show on the streaming platform.
Kevin Reilly, responsible for HBO Max’s content, pointed out talking about the possible special dedicated to Friends: "There is interest all around and yet we can’t get the interests all alighted to push the button on it. Today it’s just maybe".
Jennifer Aniston, during a televised appearance, let slip: "I would love for there to be something, but we don’t know what that something is. So we’re just trying. We’re working on something ".
The actors Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer could therefore find themselves in a TV studio, even if the hypothesis of a reboot or a revival is totally excluded.
Marta Kauffman, co-creator of the series, had in fact stated: "The show was about that time in life when friends are your family. Life changes when your family becomes your family ". David Crane added: "We did the show we wanted to do. We got it right, and we put a bow on it".
But anybody knows that a real fan would like his favorite series never to end.
We carry on hoping to see the 6 friends again on TV!



Fun facts about Mickey Mouse

Among the most famous pop icons ever, among the strongest American symbols in history, among the most popular characters for both children and adults there is: Mickey Mouse.
What don’t we know about this celebrity?

Mickey Mouse was supposed to be a rabbit

Walt Disney gave birth to the idea of Mickey Mouse and gave life to him on paper after losing the rights of his previous cartoon, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.
No regrets, because the luckiest is without no doubt the most famous mouse in the history of mankind.

He shouldn’t have been called that

The most beloved children's mouse was to be called… Mortimer!
We owe it to Walt Disney’s wife, Lillian, if the pop icon par excellence is called Mickey.
Dear Lillian, thank you so much!

He didn’t always have gloves

The mouse was born with no shirt; there is no doubt about it.
However Mickey Mouse was not born with gloves: his famous white gloves became an integral part of his outfit only in 1929; he wears them for the first time in the scene where he plays the piano in the cartoon The Opry House.

His first words were very American

Even the voice did not immediately accompany Mickey Mouse’s character.
The crucial year is once again 1929, when, in the short film The Karnival Kid, he exclaimed what every true American should pronounce as first words: Hot dogs!

But isn’t he always in shorts?

If you think about his age, it should not come as a surprise that he would have worn around 175 different outfits.
Even if we remember him wearing the same thing, Mickey Mouse did wear various other clothes.
Minnie, on the other hand, beats his record: with more than 200 looks collected since the creation of Mrs. Mouse.

With Minnie, they are married or not?

We call them husband and wife because, in fact, they are.
Even though we don’t have proof on film of the fateful yes given by Minnie to Mickey, Walt Disney, in person, revealed that the two were officially married.


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