News updated on 2/19/2020

Green Day

Green Day come back with a new album: Father of All Motherfuckers.

After four years of waiting, Green Day are back into the record stores with a new album: Father of All Motherfuckers.
Their career began in 1990, which makes 2020 the year of their 30th anniversary.
For this reason, the fans are twice as happy to celebrate with them their thirteenth studio album: Father of All Motherfuckers.
Good things don’t last long. Father of All… is the shortest and funniest album recorded by Green Day: less than 27 wild minutes for 10 songs that retrace about fifty years of rock ’n’ roll history. They begin with the single that gives the title to the disc, a twin guitar and a falsetto voice that recalls the MC5 of Ramblin’ Rose, and they end with Graffitia, a piece with clapping hands/feet that seems out of the 80’s repertoire like John Mellencamp or Bruce Springsteen.
Green Day have followed in the course of their career an evolution: first, the melodic pop song impetuous and accelerated, then the epochal concept that becomes classic rock. Con Father of All… they bring the clock hands back to 00:00.
Despite the perennial precarious balance, Green Day have managed to exceed the 30 years of career, collecting at least a couple of sensational comebacks.



Action Figure Mania

Action figures, some would call them simply “statuettes”, are in reality articulated faithful reproductions of character from movies or television series.
The most popular action figures are, for example, G.I. Joe or Big Jim, but also those of the characters from Star Wars or Star Trek, comic books, manga or athletes like wrestling champions, singers, soldiers and so on.
Action figure’s sector is very important in the collecting market, very thriving in Japan, Europe and United States.
The term “action figure” was invented by Hasbro in 1964 in conjunction with the release on the market of the first action figure G.I. Joe.
In 1971, Mego began to manufacture superheroes action figures taken from comic books under license by Marvel and by DC Comics. These editions achieved a great success and these toys have preserved over time a high value in the collecting market.
To the present day, the release of new movies, TV series or animated cartoons are followed closely by new action figures.
From Frozen to Harley Quinn to Joker, whether they are motionless, articulated or half bust action figures, for a real collector every single one of them will be of inestimable value.



We Love Rugby!

Is Rugby your passion? When you see a ball, you cannot help but start to play?
Do you know how this beloved sport was born?
Once upon a time, a young man named William Webb Ellis, while playing a game of soccer with his friends from the Rugby School in the county of Warwickshire, became tired of kicking a poor ball, picked it up, he ran with it in his hands towards the opposite goal and ground the ball. Ignoring all the rules of the game he was playing, he invented a new game. From that day of 1823 rugby was born and prospered.
The first rugby balls had this “plum shape” because they were made with pig’s bladders. In the 19th century, the bladders were replaced with rubber that is still used today for our balls.
Not everyone knows that only in 1871 were established the rules that are being played with now.
In fact, there were no points for smashing the ball beyond the goal line but only for field goal, the kicks on the shins were abolished and also the tackles to the legs, thanks to a higher power, were readmitted. In 1852 there was the first entry of the rugby game in the Oxford Dictionary and only in 1995 it was officially recognized as a sport.
Rugby is the national sport in Wales, New Zealand and…in Madagascar. The Makis, the players of the Malagasy National Team, have made their debut in the world of rugby against Italy in the far 1970.
Currently the most important international rugby tournament is the Six Nations Championship. Until 2019 the most successful team in the tournament has been Wales. Among the less victorious teams are Italy that has never won since its entry into the tournament and Scotland, is the only one among the winners of the competition to have not yet won a title following the enlargement of the tournament to six teams, Scotland won its last victory in 1999.


Harley Quinn

The rebirth of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is a fictional character created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm for the animated television series Batman, she’s the drinking buddy we all want, the one who breaks up with her boyfriend and decides to forget him with a night of drinking. Too bad that the boyfriend is the Joker.
How does it end? Harley does not just set fire to her ex’s box of memories, but even throws a moving truck against the toxic waste factory that made them both who they are, and blows the place up.
Harley Quinn is the lucky girl friend with the turbo metabolism, whom eats the greasiest egg sandwich in all of Gotham and still seems like a dragonfly on her roller skates.
Margot Robbie plays the role of Harley Quinn in the 2016 movie Suicide Squad and in 2020, she returns in the same role in the spin-off “Birds of Prey and the phantasmagoric rebirth of Harley Quinn” directed by Cathy Yan.
There probably wouldn’t be anything phantasmagoric in the movie if it wasn’t for Margot. Because after an hour and 49 minutes one wonders if Harley Queen, just like the drinking buddy, the friend who eats and doesn’t get fat, the one with the neo-punk mask, even though she’s fun, would not be better taken in small doses.



The retun from the abyss.

Merchandise Aquaman

The King of the Seven Seas is ready to come back on the big screen with the movie sequel Aquaman 2. Jason Momoa will be back in his superhero costume. He lent his face to the hero in the movie Justice League and the first chapter of Aquaman.
The first insights and news on the film’s plot have not been released yet. We may suppose that story of the sequel will continue where the previous chapter ended. Arthur Curry has relegated his half-brother Orm to the prisons of Atlantis and he became the rightful king, with Mera by his side. At the end of the first movie, Aquaman wore his orange and green iconic costume for the first time.
It is easy to imagine that, now that Aquaman is king of Atlantis, we will see him relate to the hardship that his new role entails, in addition to threats that undermine the serenity of his people. At the side of the Sea God, Jason Momoa, Amber Heard has also been confirmed; she will once again be Mera, Aquaman’s companion and now queen of Atlantis.
For the time being there is no further information on the cast or the characters that the public will see in Aquaman 2, but fans hope that the characters of the first film will return.
The movie sequel will be released at a distance of 4 years from the previous film with Jason Momoa. Warner Bros has, in fact, revealed the official release date of Aquaman 2. The movie will be in the theaters of all the United States from 16 December 2022.
Unfortunately, in other countries, the official release has not been announced yet.



Copa: Classic Retro Fooball Shirt New Entry

Are you a soccer fan?
Are you a real nostalgic?
Do you want to relive historical moments?
Copa is the new line chosen by MerchandisingPlaza for you!
Vintage jerseys, sweat-shirts, t-shirts and many more in the new section dedicated to COPA line.
COPA’s products are Made in Europe and 100% Football.
Stylish accessories like socks and caps are one of the novelties of the new section.
The Copa line is distinguished by the accuracy of details and the perfect reconstruction of the Vintage details.
The historic jerseys are after all the strength of the line.
Stay up to date on Copa’s new products on MerchandisingPlaza, choose your favorite articles, many promotions are waiting for you!


San Valentino

St. Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine is considered the patron saint of lovers since the legend tells that he was the first clergyman to celebrate the union of a pagan soldier and a young Christian girl.
They say that one day, Saint Valentine heard two young lovers who were fighting near his garden. He went out to meet them holding a rose, that he offered to the young couple begging them to reconcile and tightening together the stem of the rose, being careful not to get stung, he prayed that the Lord would keep their love alive forever. Some time later, the couple asked the clergyman to bless their marriage. When the story spread, many decided to go on pilgrimage to the Bishop of Terni the 14th of every month. Then the date was reduced only to February because Saint Valentine died on that day in 273.
Today Valentine’s Day is a celebration dedicated to lovers, celebrated throughout much of the world especially in Anglo-Saxon cultural countries, and by imitation also elsewhere.
The most characteristic feature of Valentine’s Day is the exchange of valentine, love cards often shaped in the form of stylized hearts or other themes typical of the popular representation of romantic love.
Gradually, cards gave way to gifts and chocolate boxes, equally appreciated by lovers.
Valentine’s Day, the day of love, has become the symbol of the cold month of February.
Between reality and legend, this day is really popular with new couples but hated by many singles.



There is waiting for the new season of Miraculous.

Thomas Astruc, the creator of Miraculous, announces: “Everyone will be stunned by Miraculous season 4”

The screenwriters talk about season 4 of Miraculous, coming in 2020.

The last season ended recently in the whole world, and fans – remained with the shock of the last episodes revelations – are already waiting for the future season 4 to be released.

 The quality level has been raised once again, proving that this French animation series is one of the best products for children and families on the market at the moment.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir tells the adventures of two Parisian teenagers named Marinette and Adrien, who are able to transform into superheroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir.

In addition to their battle against the villain Hawk Moth, what fascinates the public is the love triangle between the characters, their respective secret identities and the new characters, Luka and Kagami, who were introduced in the last season.

After the revelations of the third season, what can we expect from season 4 of Miraculous?

The screenwriters had a long interview in french where they talked about the writing of the episodes just transmitted, the character’s growth and the future of the series.

Mélanie Duval: “It will be the season in which the characters will really take control of the series.”

Thomas Astruc: “In season 3, Marinette suffered a lot and in season 4, each episode will be a bomb. Everyone will be flabbergasted. She has new responsibilities and she has grown. Regarding the location, after the Grévin museum and the Saint-Martin canal, we will visit the Swan Islands”.

Sébastien Thibaudeau: “Season 4 is the one that surprised us the most. All your certainties will be turned on their head. And it will also be the season of the episode 100, it will be necessary to watch it. And a special episode will be a little appetizer until the airing of Season 4. Many events will occur in the year 2020!”.



FRIENDS … An incoming reunion?

Many fans seem to have deluded themselves in waiting for a return on TV of the stars of Friends.
Friends will likely give its fans a special reunion style meant for HBO Max, but the negotiations are still in progress.
HBO Max is in fact negotiating with the stars and the producers of the TV show in order to create a special that shows the actors together again.
What obstruct the meeting of the stars in front of a camera are actually the economic issues that drove the cast away from Warner Bros. TV. The reunion should have been organized upon the arrival of the cult show on the streaming platform.
Kevin Reilly, responsible for HBO Max’s content, pointed out talking about the possible special dedicated to Friends: "There is interest all around and yet we can’t get the interests all alighted to push the button on it. Today it’s just maybe".
Jennifer Aniston, during a televised appearance, let slip: "I would love for there to be something, but we don’t know what that something is. So we’re just trying. We’re working on something ".
The actors Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer could therefore find themselves in a TV studio, even if the hypothesis of a reboot or a revival is totally excluded.
Marta Kauffman, co-creator of the series, had in fact stated: "The show was about that time in life when friends are your family. Life changes when your family becomes your family ". David Crane added: "We did the show we wanted to do. We got it right, and we put a bow on it".
But anybody knows that a real fan would like his favorite series never to end.
We carry on hoping to see the 6 friends again on TV!



Fun facts about Mickey Mouse

Among the most famous pop icons ever, among the strongest American symbols in history, among the most popular characters for both children and adults there is: Mickey Mouse.
What don’t we know about this celebrity?

Mickey Mouse was supposed to be a rabbit

Walt Disney gave birth to the idea of Mickey Mouse and gave life to him on paper after losing the rights of his previous cartoon, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.
No regrets, because the luckiest is without no doubt the most famous mouse in the history of mankind.

He shouldn’t have been called that

The most beloved children's mouse was to be called… Mortimer!
We owe it to Walt Disney’s wife, Lillian, if the pop icon par excellence is called Mickey.
Dear Lillian, thank you so much!

He didn’t always have gloves

The mouse was born with no shirt; there is no doubt about it.
However Mickey Mouse was not born with gloves: his famous white gloves became an integral part of his outfit only in 1929; he wears them for the first time in the scene where he plays the piano in the cartoon The Opry House.

His first words were very American

Even the voice did not immediately accompany Mickey Mouse’s character.
The crucial year is once again 1929, when, in the short film The Karnival Kid, he exclaimed what every true American should pronounce as first words: Hot dogs!

But isn’t he always in shorts?

If you think about his age, it should not come as a surprise that he would have worn around 175 different outfits.
Even if we remember him wearing the same thing, Mickey Mouse did wear various other clothes.
Minnie, on the other hand, beats his record: with more than 200 looks collected since the creation of Mrs. Mouse.

With Minnie, they are married or not?

We call them husband and wife because, in fact, they are.
Even though we don’t have proof on film of the fateful yes given by Minnie to Mickey, Walt Disney, in person, revealed that the two were officially married.


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